Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blog Assignment 1: Who Am I?

Hi everyone! First off, my name is Morgan Mohler. I was born and raised here in Mobile, Alabama. I attended Cottage Hill Baptist School for elementary school and most of middle school. After 7th grade I transferred to UMS-Wright Preparatory School. I chose to attend University of South Alabama simply because it was close to home. I still live at home with my parents and my sister. My sister, Megan, will be 23 in October. She just started the Graduate MBA Program here at South.
I spend a lot of my free time babysitting. I usually babysit the same family at least once a week. This activity has played an important factor in why I chose to pursue a degree in Elementary Education. Another reason I chose Elementary Education is because of my own experiences as a student. I still remember the uniqueness of all of my teachers and how they made learning fun and easy. It would be really neat to be able to give students the same kind of memories that I have of my elementary school years.
Aside from school and babysitting, I am also a student worker in USA's Office of New Student Recruitment. Basically what I do is answer phones, set up tours for prospective students and write post cards to incoming students. I really enjoy my job and feel very fortunate to have it. For now I plan to continue my education and job here at the University of South Alabama. After graduation, I am hoping to find a job teaching third grade at a school here in Mobile.


  1. Hi Morgan,

    Congrats on your Junior year here at the University of South Alabama. I am also a Junior and I am super excited about that, however my major is Secondary Education with an emphasis on Language Arts. I have to give you much deserved appreciation for having plenty of patience to go into Elementary Education. I am a registered substitute teacher for the Mobile County School Board and I love it, but I found out really quick that Elementary Education was not for me. I think that you have a great out look on how you want your future students to remember you. Good luck with your future years here at South and as an educator.

    Tabitha Sexton

  2. I hope the schools are hiring by the time you graduate!