Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

A&B) Google Squared and Wolfram Alpha both offer distinct qualities. They are both fast and very efficient in the information they found on the topics that I searched. However, for one of my searches I searched "University of South Alabama" and found that the information provided by Google Squared was more accurate than the information from Wolfram Alpha. Therefore you should be a little cautious when using Wolfram Alpha for things such as research papers, etc. This method of searching is a much faster way of getting information so it saves students a lot of time. I also like that the information provided was so well organized.
C&D) I had not heard about Google Squared nor Wolfram Alpha prior to this assigment. I am definitely glad we were given this assignment because I will be using these methods of searching very often. It's easier to see all of the information in one place rather than doing multiple searches for everything you need. I am very excited about using Google Squared in my future studies!
E&F) This assignment did not really change my opinions on what I saw. The only thing that slightly changed was that I went back and realized that those numbers for India and China were so shocking initially but when you realize how many more people occupy those nations than our own it makes a little more sense. From this exercise I learned that I have to be more careful when reading statistics. You can't just take a statistic and leave it at that. You should get all of the background information on the subject(s) that that statistic covers. Statistics can easily be manipulative if you don't have full knowledge and background information for the given statitistics.

Food For Thought: I thought it was really cool that Steve Jobs was able to create one piece of technology so accessible and easy to use and that could be understood by people across the world. I do believe that it will really be a major tool in education one day.

Pitcairn Islands Map

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