Saturday, September 11, 2010

C4T Summary #1

My assigned teacher for this post was Lisa Thumann. Her first blog post I read was on the topic of "Bucket Fillers." Bucket filling is a classroom project based on a book by Carol McCleod. Each Student in the class has a  bucket with their name on it and their peers fill those buckets with kind words about one another. All they do is fill out a slip of paper then place it in each other's bucket. Mrs. Thumann witnessed the positive effects of this activity first hand with her daughter, Emma. She was so impressed with it that she decided to team up with Emma's teacher, Mrs. Skaar, and create a documentary on the project.
I really enjoyed reading this post and loved the idea behind the project! It's such a nice and easy way to keep kids' self esteem up and a positive atmosphere in the classroom!
    The Second post I read was dated September 7, 2010. In this post Lisa discussed open courses on teaching technology. There were fifty courses on the entire list that was published by Online Colleges & Universities. On her blog she highlighted a few of the courses. Some of the courses deal with exploring the design of innovative educational technologies, while others explore the use of digital media as a teaching tool. In her blog she included links with helpful information for each of the courses she discussed in her blog. I was not aware that there were classes like this offered for teachers to take if they were interested. I explored the links she provided and found a lot of information on these classes. These classes are really great for keeping teachers up to date with technology!
   Overall, I really enjoyed keeping up with Lisa Thumann and reading her posts! She had such great ideas and was a wonderful source of information!

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