Sunday, October 3, 2010

C4K Posts 1&2 Summary

For my first two assignments of C4K, I was assigned a student at Noel Jr. High. She is in the 8th grade there. Some of the things she enjoys are volleyball, family and Mexico. In my comments on her about me post I told her I was a college student and that I also played volleyball in middle school. I also encouraged her to keep blogging and working hard in school.

The 3 key points in her Learning Manifesto were to 1) Pay more attention in class, 2) Turn in her work on time, and 3) Never give up on her work. In my comments on this post I encouraged her to stick with her manifesto. I told her that she should never give up on her work and that nothing was impossible, some things just take longer than others. Also, being punctual is a valuable action to get in the habit of and it is something that is really positive trait for an individual to have. Finally, paying attention is essential in learning new materials so I thought that was very important to include as well.

I really enjoyed getting to know her and I really hope she sticks with her manifesto and has an extremely successful school year!

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  1. I am on the same page with you about focusing on education and following through with positive goals. We need to encourage students more often for following through with positive actions. We are so busy rushing through life we overlook our accomplishments and everyone needs to be acknowledged for finishing goals especially small ones because those are the building blocks to a successful future. So continue the good work and positive praise and encouragement.