Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog Post #13

Alabama Learning Exchange Logo

     The Alabama Learning Exchange is a website full of resources and tools for teachers to use. One of the sections on the website is called Lesson Plans. On this section, teachers can access lesson plans made by other teachers so that they can get ideas for their own lesson plans. Another section available is the Courses of Study section. This section allows teachers to search information about curriculum details at all different grade levels, or you can select by subject. A teacher can use their Personal Workspace section to prepare for class by putting their ideas on the site for reference. Teachers can also store their lesson plans and teacher webpages here. Other sections on the exchange include Web Links which have web resources for teachers to access, Profession Learning which includes links to teach teachers how to use a variety of technology tools i.e. internet/email, multimedia applications, google tools, etc, a Podcast Treasure which contains multiple podcasts for all of the subjects that students cover in school including mathematics, history, and science, and lastly a Search section which can be used for obvious reasons.
     I think that ALEX is a very resourceful website to know about. When I begin teaching I will be definitely be using it for ideas and to compare/contrast the materials in my classroom against those in other classrooms in the state of Alabama. It will also be helpful to use the Professional Learning page just so I can assure myself that I am staying as up to date on technology as possible. This site is one that every teacher should know about.

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  1. Good post!!! I agree that ALEX is something all teachers should be aware of. The lesson plans and professional learning tabs will be extremely helpful to us when teaching. I'm really glad we were assigned to view this site!