Monday, November 29, 2010

Final Post on PLN

    I created my Personal Learning Network using the website Symbaloo. The picture above is a screenshot of my PLN. The general concept I ended up with for my PLN was to create a place where I could keep track of all of the helpful information that I came across during the course of EDM 310. By compiling all of the information into one PLN, I can access it easily without having to try to think of the website or tirelessly google something until I find it.
    The two columns on the far left are the areas designated for free tools and helpful websites that I have come across during this semester and wanted to keep track of for the future. These include: the Alabama Learning Exchange, Alabama State Department of Education website, ACCESS, Google Squared, Wolfram Alpha, Scribd, Screenr, iTunes U- podcasts and helpful information, TimeToast for creating timelines, 100 ways to use your iPod to learn, SmartExchange- Smartboard lesson plans and other useful resources, and Teacher's Hub- information on how to use Smartboards and enhance your current skills. The three columns in the middle section are devoted to videos that I came across during the course of this class that I really enjoyed and wanted to have handy to go back and re-watch in the future. These videos include: Randy Pausch's Last Lecture, Michael Wesch- The Machine is Changing Us, Sir Ken Robinson Changing Education Paradigms, The TED Website, Sugata Mitra, Virtual Choir, the iSchool Initiative, Wendy Drexler: The Networked Student, and Daniel Pink- Two Questions that can Change Your Life. The top right hand corner of my PLN is made up of blogs. This includes my blog, the class blog, and teacher's blogs that I enjoyed- The Nerdy Teacher, Mr. Chamberlain's At The Teacher's Desk, Lisa Thumann's Thumann Resources, and Mr. McClung's blog Mr. McClung's World. Finally, the links on the bottom right hand corner are websites that I visit daily, with the exception of the class blog of course. These websites are gmail, South Alabama website, USA Online, Facebook, Twitter, CNN,, AOL, and Yahoo.

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