Monday, November 1, 2010

Summary Post C4K 3-7

kids.jpgC4K #3: For this assignment, I was assigned Miss Walters' year 4 and 5 students from Pt. England School in Auckland, New Zealand. The post which I read was about a video the students created for something they call Fia Fia Night. They included the video that the class created together. It was an animation about Justin Beiber's song "Never Say Never." In my comment, I told the students that I was not sure what a Fia Fia Night was but that I really liked their enthusiasm about it. I also told them that I was impressed with the way that they worked together to create this video.
C4K #4: For C4k #4, I was assigned to read Shara's blog. The date of the post was September 1, 2010. In this post she discussed her fondness of playing Netball and her team. Most of the post consisted of her just naming all of her friends that were on her team. She also mentioned that Her team had won all of their games except two. In my comment I told her that I was glad to see her taking an interest in blogging. I also stated that I thought it was good that she had an activity that allowed her to get some exercise while having fun with her friends. It sounded like she had a pretty good team, which is of course a bonus.
C4K #5:  For this assignment, I was assigned to read a student's blog from Miss W's class in Australia. The student was in the 7th grade. In his post he discusses how he sees whales from the school bus on his way to school in the mornings. He talks about how big the whales are and how exciting it is to see them. In my comment I told him that the closest beach I lived to was over an hour away and that I had never seen a whale in person before. I said that I bet it's really a neat thing to be able to see every day just on a whim and to keep up the good blogging techniques!
C4K #6: I found this comment for kids to be exceptionally touching. This assignment had me reading a young boy named Colton D's blog and the particular post was titled "War in Afghanistan." In this post, Colton discusses the fact that his brother will soon be leaving his family to go off to fight in the war for our country. He heard on the radio about a roadside bombing killing some American soldiers, and that really upset him. Right now his brother is signed up for the infantry, but he might be a scout for snipers. Also, they have purchased a computer and web cam for him to take with him so that he can stay in touch while he is away. I spent a lot of time thinking of the right comment to leave on this particular post. Basically, I told him that I knew it would be hard to have his brother be so far away from the family and that it would be scary but that he was doing a very noble deed for our country. I tried to encourage him by reminding him that he would still be able to see his brother thanks to technology and that before he knew it his brother would be on his way back to the States!
C4K #7: For student number 7, I was assigned to read a 5th grade student named Molly's blog. The title of her post was "Red Ribbon Week." In this post she discussed her views on drugs and drug users. She feels bad for people who do drugs and thinks that they need to change their lifestyles. Her ultimate goal is to put a cap on drugs. In my comment I told her that I was very inspired to see someone her age taking a stand against drugs and drug use. I encouraged her to keep up her mindset and to keep working towards her goal of putting a cap on drugs! I also mentioned that her blog looked really nice and that she should keep up her blogging because it is a good way to spread her message!

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